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power washing Des Moines,Iowa

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Power Washing to Add Curb Appeal

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Ditch the Tip

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (156)
Ditch the dangerous tip right when you buy your power washer for home use not only can it hurt you but you will cause more damage to your property.

Power washing to add value

Posted on May 13, 2015 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (222)

Add value to your home with Power washing services from Waterpower Solutions, Add up to 5% at least with a clean looking home.

Low Pressure House washing

Posted on Comments comments (208)

What is Low pressure House washing and is it better for your home vs. the old way of blasting away at your siding with High Pressure. Well im here to tell you it is. 
1. low pressure washing is better becuase your not applying 3000, 4000, PSI of pressure to your Vinly siding you are not even applying half that pressure. Proper low pressure washing is done with safe to the touch pressure that will not cause siding to move, bend, and put out of place.

2. Proper Low pressure washing is done with a speacialty formulated soltion that is not sold in stores.

3. When washing with low pressure you are killing mod, and Alage at the source and not just washing the surfce of the spores leaving it there for re growth.

4. Low pressure washing is safe for windows, doors, decks, because it doesnt force highly pressureized water into the seals and cracks around your home causing expensive damages.

5. Low pressure washing is the latest and best thought technique in power washing classes and a technique that is being more and more recognized by power washing compnies from all over the world, that are willing to learn and apply the best cleaning practices for the Power washing Industry.