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Your Solution To A Cleaner Exterior

Since 2014

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Waterpower Solutions 

Professional Power Washing Services Des Moines, IA

Low Pressure House washing, Iowa

Why are we your Best Choice for Professional House washing Service in Central Iowa?

- We specialize in Power washing its all we do, Waterpower solutions has been in the power washing business since 2014 with Soft wash house washing being are main focus from the beginning. We use a Safe and biodegradable solution which effectively removes all Organic build-up, Algae, moss, black mold, dirt, cobwebs, Bird Droppings, hornet nests leaving your home 

- House Soft Washing is the only way. "When it comes to having your homes exterior washed properly there is only one way and that's with a Soft washing. Soft washing your home is a guaranteed way to assure your home is not damaged during a house washing this means your siding is not being blasted off your home, your window seals aren't getting damaged, and best of all the nasty mold and Algae is effectively removed off your home with just a simple light rinse." The High pressure method is out dated and honestly doesn't even clean your home and just removes the surface build up while leaving all the live active mold and Algae spores behind to re-grow and your home looking like it was never cleaned.

- 2 Year Algae free guarantee or we will Re-treat the whole side of your home for free "That's right!! We Guarantee our work. Over the years we have learned that our house wash solution is leaving homes cleaner for longer, more than a standard "NOT RECOMMENDED" High pressure wash. When our solution is applied to your homes exterior surfaces it gets right to work attacking Mold and Algae Spores at the source killing them completely not just spreading them around and leaving any Algae spores behind for regrowth. Think of this like a weed in your driveway never goes away until you kill the root completely.

- Restore your homes Curb Appeal "When you hire a highly rated and trusted power washing company in Iowa like Waterpower Solutions you can rest knowing that we will add value to your home. With clean exterior surfaces your home will look more appealing to you and anyone that approaches. A clean exterior can add up to 20% in home value" We will make your home look like NEW again. Great for new home buyers or Owners ready to sell, The exterior is the first thing you or a potential buyer sees, so why not make your home the cleanest on the Block.

- Mold And Algae is just plain nasty "The longer mold and or Algae sit on your home the longer it has to ruin your homes exterior surfaces and could possibly make its way to your insulati​on through gaps in siding". Mold and Algae eat away at the surface they are on causing the material to degrade prematurely which results in replacement costs.

- Maintenance Washing "Once you've had your home professionally soft washed by Waterpower Solutions you are automatically added to our maintenance program. This is a great way to keep your home looking its best while saving money by paying less for our house wash service, "YEARLY SERVICE"

Dirty Gutter Exteriors covered in Mold , We can fix that 

We are One of Iowa's Highest Rated House wash Companies

Typical Algae Growth on the North side of a Home

Don't "Pressure" Your Home into Clean... we provide a Soft Touch.

Our Safe low pressure House Washing method

Applying our safe Biodegradable solution with our soft wash method to clean the surface and kill all Algae, Mold, loosen dirt, cobwebs on the vinyl siding so it can be safely washed away with low pressure.

"Safe to the Touch Low pressure Rinse" 

Have a Question about safe Low pressure house washing or Ready to Schedule your Professional house washing service? Simply fill out this form below and lets get your home looking clean and Like New again! Our house wash quotes can be done online without ever having to come to your home as we charge primarily on overall square footage of your home, NO extra Charges for Mold or Algae! 

Current House wash




Any Condition

only $250.00

Homes up to 2000 Square Feet 

Instant Online Quotes No Estimate Required

2 Story House Wash +

Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning


"Homes up to 2000 Square Feet"

Instant Online Quotes No Estimate Required

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Thank You for Your interest in The best low pressure house Washing service Around, Due to Spring time rush please allow up to 72 hours for a quote and please notify us of your coupon upon payment we want to give you an honest Deal.

Before & After

Mold Removal

We clean all Types of Exterior Surfaces

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What's Included in our professional house Wash service?

"All" Exterior house surfaces sprayed with our biodegradable solution to kill all mold, algae, and other organic growth as well as remove Dirt build up, road grime, spider webs, hornet's nests

This includes all Siding surfaces, Gutter exteriors, front entry way, porch area, rear entry area, All windows are also soaped/Rinsed while washing at no extra charge. 

Don't forget to ask about our optional spot free window rinse with our new pure water filtration system that will leave your windows sparkling clean.

We have the Best Professional House wash Prices In Iowa

We make Scheduling A house wash Simple and Hassle Free with no On-Site Estimate Required, We simply charge By Square Footage of your home and equally clean your whole home with our Soft wash House Treatment 

Standard 1 Story Homes

Starting at $200.00 +tax

North side Only Wash $125.00

Standard 2 Story Homes

Starting at $300.00 + tax

2 story North side Only Wash $175.00

Waterpower Solutions recommends having your home low pressure washed at least once a year to get rid of all organic growth, Dirt build up, to help prevent permanent staining on your exterior surfaces. This may vary based on location and conditions around your home. You will typically notice Algae, moss, or mold growth on the North Side of your home. This is because the north side of your home gets the least amount of sun, leaving moisture on the surface longer causing algae, mold to spread.